Take your project to the next level with Green AI Cloud – first in Europe to offer the latest, fastest and greenest processing technology! Green AI Cloud offers AI calculation as a subscription, providing extreme AI performance at a low cost, thanks to the superior speed. Create an account and get started!

First in Europe to use the latest and fastest AI technology

For our cloud computing solution, we are the first player in Europe and the Nordics to use the groundbreaking Cerebras CS-2 system. It features the 2nd generation of the Wafer-Scale Engine, WSE-2, which is the world’s largest and fastest AI processor. WSE-2 takes a huge step compared to legacy processors, including 850,000 cores and extreme bandwidth memory – all in one single processor. This enables easy programming and immense workloads, setting a new standard when it comes to cost-efficient AI computing that reduces time to solution.

Cost-efficient and CO2-negative

Besides breath-taking AI calculation speeds, Green AI Cloud integrates technology and sustainability into a unified ecosystem, using the excess heat from our operations to heat up nearby industries and buildings. The result is a CO2-neutral or even CO2-negative footprint, which means that your AI and ML processes will help reduce CO2 emissions! All this combined with a very competitive and transparent pricing, making Green AI Cloud the optimal supplier of AI computing power.

Aligned with EU and GDPR regulations

Green AI Cloud is based in Sweden, which means that your valuable and sensitive data will be safeguarded within the EU, all in line with Schrems II, the EU guidelines regarding data security. This makes Green AI Cloud the only player in Europe that guarantees compliance with the EU directives on data storage and data security.